— Books To Read

  • The Machinery of Life
    by David Goodsell


    An "illuminated manuscript" on the molecular machinery within cells notable for its stunning and accurate illustrations.

  • A Canticle for Liebowitz
    by Walter Miller

    A science fiction classic about religion and the rediscovery of scientific knowledge after a nuclear holocaust.

  • Advice for a Young Investigator
    by Santiago Ramón y Cajal

    A treatise on how to do science by the founder of neurobiology.

  • Molecular Cell Biology
    by Harvey Lodish et al.

    A comprehensive textbook on cell biology used in BIOL 201 at McGill.

  • Time, Love, Memory
    by Jonathan Weiner

    A "biography" of Seymour Benzer, a pioneer of modern genetics, that traces Drosophila genetics from Thomas Hunt Morgan to the present.

  • Energy, Environment, and Climate
    by Richard Wolfson

    A textbook for non-science majors on the relationship between energy use and climate change.

  • At the Bench
    by Kathy Barker

    A handbook of wet lab skills that covers the practical aspects often missed in lab classes.

  • Writing Science in Plain English
    by Anne Greene

    A guide to writing science with strong verbs, concrete language, and organized paragraphs.

  • Mechanics of Motor Proteins and the Cytoskeleton
    by Jonathon Howard

    A textbook/monograph on biophysics that describes how proteins respond to mechanical, thermal, and chemical forces.