— who we are

The scientists in the Cytoskeletal Morphology Lab come from backgrounds in biology, biochemistry, engineering, and physics. We are from Canada, USA, France, Germany, Lebanon, Taiwan, and Mexico. Click on the Out and About page to see some of the things we do and the Stuff We Like page for some fun links.

  • Gary Brouhard

    Dr. Gary J. Brouhard

    Associate Professor ⁄ Principal Investigator

    Gary Brouhard grew up in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan. Gary loves all things bicycling, especially long-distance touring and track stands, and believes that some bicycles have souls. He likes Indian food, fountain pens, and coffee.

  • Muriel Sebastien

    Dr. Muriel Sebastien

    Postdoctoral Fellow

    Muriel is from Grenoble in France, where she did her PhD in cell biology. During her PhD she spent most of her time looking at cells through a microscope-eyepiece and really enjoyed it. Otherwise, she likes doing medieval fencing - a very good way to play with real swords and fire. She is also fond of skiing, board games, and all kinds of food - especially those with melted cheese!

  • Jimmy Hsu

    Jimmy Hsu

    Graduate Student

    Jimmy Hsu was born in Taiwan and grew up in Taipei then moved to Nova Scotia since high school. He did his undergrad at Dalhousie University in the Honours Physics Co-op program. Jimmy competes on the McGill Varsity badminton team and coaches on weekends. He also volunteers tutoring physics/math courses and likes to minimize any walking by taking the bus.

  • Claire Edrington

    Claire Edrington

    Graduate Student

    Claire was born to musician parents and so, naturally, got an undergraduate degree in biochemistry at the University of Ottawa. She likes proteins, microscopes and anything colorful. When she is not in the lab she is usually on stage doing improv or playing her ukulele. She also likes dancing, running, and sculpting and is pretty confident in her lemon meringue pie recipe.

  • Sofia

    Sofía Cruz Tetlalmatzi

    Graduate Student

    Sofía was born and raised in different parts of Mexico, but calls Mexico City home. She did her undergrad in Physics at UNAM to use physics as a tool to solve biological problems. Sofia enjoys microscopes and staring at data while listening to music. She also likes experimenting in the kitchen, drawing, hiking, and will never say no to watching a good movie.

  • Maddy Shred

    Graduate Student

    Maddy is from Vancouver Island. They studied Biomedical Sciences at uWaterloo and fell in love with protein structure-function relationships while shooting lasers at protein crystals. They joined the lab eager to try Cryo-EM next. Besides research, they love walking in forests, baking muffins, and dreaming about the next time they will see the ocean.

  • Alex Paquette

    Graduate Student

    Alex is from Montreal and got her undergraduate degree in biology from McGill. After completing an Honours thesis in global ecology, she decided to scale her interests all the way down to microtubules. She enjoys baking, whale watching, playing dungeons and dragons, and vanishing into the wilderness for canoe trips every so often.