— funding

  1. CIHR

    1. Canadian Institutes of Health Research

    Operating Grants MOP-111265 and MOP-137055
    New Investigator Award to G. Brouhard.


  2. NSERC

    2. Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada

    Discovery Grant #372593
    Research Tools and Instrumentation Grant #406966
    Alexander Graham Bell Fellowship to S. Chaaban
    CREATE Postdoctoral Fellowship to C. Rocha
    CREATE Graduate Fellowship to C. Hall


  3. FRQNT

    3. Le Fonds de recherche du Québec - Nature et technologies

    Projet de recherche en équipe #191128
    avec Paul Francois, Stephen Michnick, and Jackie Vogel


  4. CFI

    4. Canadian Foundation for Innovation

    Leader's Opportunity Fund #19310
    Innovation Fund #33122 (Lead P.I. Jackie Vogel)


  5. mcgill_logo

    5. McGill

    Research Funds to G. Brouhard
    Milton Leong Fellowship to J. Hsu