— Out & About

  • SubmissionParty

    Another submission! Time for an outing!

    We always do something special to celebrate a paper submission. This time it was burgers and beer.

    From left to right: Sami Chaaban, Hadrien Mary, Sofía Cruz Tetlalmatzi, Jimmy Hsu, Melissa Wong, Tom McAlear, Claire Edrington, Gary Brouhard, Susanne Bechstedt

  • ClaireSamiBusking

    Sami and Claire busking in the subway.

    Sami and Claire (and their friend Christine) played music in a subway station to raise money for cancer research. Passers-by responded quite favorably to the Beatles.

  • out-about-curling

    Group photo for the inaugural Brouhard Lab Curling Event.

    From left to right: Gary Brouhard, Michael Noujaim, Kelsey Thibault (kneeling), Michal Wieczorek, Susanne Bechstedt, Conrad Hall, and Jessie Weber.

  • Kelsey_curling

    Honors undergraduate Kelsey Thibault releases a stone.

    Kelsey's curling skillz were second to none. She struck fear into the hearts of her opponents.

  • Sami in Africa

    Sami Chaaban sings to kids in Kenya.

    Sami spent a month prior to starting graduate school on a trip to Kenya to teach music. Here he leads a conga line singing the Beatles' Yellow Submarine.

  • Mike in New York

    Mike Wieczorek pays homage to Seinfeld.

    Mike went to New York City for the sole purpose of visiting Monk's Restaurant, the legendary establishment featured in the TV show Seinfeld.

  • Susanne_climbing

    Dr. Susanne Bechstedt climbs the Green Mountains in Vermont.

    Susanne and Gary rode their bicycles to the Gordon Research Conference on Motile and Contractile Systems, traveling from Montréal to New London, New Hampshire. This photo was taken at the top of the Middlebury Gap, the highest point on the trip, just before descending.