— The lab


The Brouhard Lab occupies ~1,500 square feet on the 2nd floor of the Bellini Life Sciences Complex. The labs are built around an open-concept floor plan, with easy flow between neighboring labs and common equipment rooms. The lab has bright green walls, tall ceilings, and large windows that look out onto downtown Montréal. The lab has lots of natural light, which makes it a great place to work.

We are equipped with state-of-the-art microscopes for single-molecule imaging, a suite of protein expression and purification equipment, and all of the latest and greatest goodies for making a lab run smoothly. In addition, as part of the Developmental Biology Research Initiative, we have access to everything we need to use any of the principle model organisms. For example, we flip flies and dissect worms using easy-to-access core facilities. Advanced biochemical tools, like mass-spectrometry, SAXS, and NMR are available through core facilities in the Department of Biochemistry. And we proudly maintain one of the largest collections of centrifuge rotors at McGill!

Although we do most of our microscopy in-house, our Department has a light microscopy facility that features 5 confocal microscopes and, recently, the DeltaVision OMX super-resolution microscope. .

Above our sink, we have Picasso's drawing of Don Quixote, the patron saint of scientists

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