— Tools We Develop

— Tools We Use

  • Matlab


    MATLAB is a comprehensive software package for scientific computing. We use MATLAB to analyze and fit data, to perform simulations, and to analyze images.

  • Kalaimoscope


    Kalaimoscope is software dedicated to tracking moving objects in microscope images. These objects can be single molecules, whole nuclei, whole cells, and anything in between. Each object is represented as by summed Lorentzian functions and tracked over time. The characteristics of the objects and trajectories can be used as readouts for underlying biochemical and biophysical mechanisms.

  • OriginPro


    OriginPro is the world's best curve-fitting and statistics analysis software.

  • Mathematica


    Mathematica allows us to solve complicated symbolic math problems that are tedious by hand.

  • Metamorph

    Metamorph Logo

    Metamorph is the image acquisition software that drives our microscopes and our first line of analysis for looking at our images, measuring pixel intensities, etc.

  • Zeiss Microscopes


    Our lab uses two Zeiss TIRF microscopes. These microscopes are the core tool of the lab. We like Zeiss for their high quality objective lenses and the overall reliability of their equipment.

  • Andor Cameras


    Single-molecule biophysics would not be possible without electron-multiplying charged couple device (EMCCD) cameras. We have chosen Andor EMCCD cameras for their best-in-class performance and low noise levels.

  • Adobe Illustrator


    When the data is ready to publish, we use Adobe Illustrator to prepare the highest-quality scientific figures.